Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Decline of Moraltiy

What is morality? In today's standards it is do whatever you want, whenever you want and shrug your shoulders at another's immorality.

And what does God's Word say?

Isaiah 5:20
¶ Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil;
that put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! KJAV

Over a span of about 8+ years, the Lord has brought an assortment of teens my way. And no matter what the results, I praise Him for His Will. But it has been such a heartbreak in so many ways. And yet a couple of years or so later, some have overcome their rebellion.
And where do they lose the morality guidance? I would say initially by the way they are brought up. Am I blaming the parents for the children's rebellion? Not in the sense that I believe the parents took their children by the hand and walked on the rebellion road with them showing them what they should do.
No! The teens are responsible for their actions. But the parents are responsible for instilling right and wrong. And of all the parents I've observed have no spiritual guidance . . no Biblical guidance.
What are the parents like? The most heartbreaking are the situations where the Mothers up and left the marriage leaving behind the kids. I'm far from perfect . . but could I walk away from my son to leave him with someone else to raise him? Not in a heartbeat!
Marriage these days is maybe not frowned upon . . . but it's not lifted up as what a man and woman (yes, a man and a woman) should do if they decided they love each other.
Then there are the kids who have no idea who fathered them. One in particular . . oh how I tried to help him. He is angry and I don't blame him for that. Basically, once he and his siblings were old enough, Mom got an apartment and pretty much left them to raise themselves. She was too busy living with her boyfriend. The result? The young man is in jail now for a 2-3 year term. He's been in and out of trouble for years.
His sister, older than him . . whom her Mom allowed a young adult male to live with them at one time and didn't care if they slept together . . now has twin boys. And the sperm donor? He is in jail as well (for the same crime as her brother) and is a Muslim.
The next sibling, teen male, is into Cocaine. And the youngest? I have to idea. I've heard he's doing pretty well, whatever that means.
There are two young men , however, who I took to my heart. And both had Mothers who walked away from the marriage and the kids. They are my unofficially adopted sons. The first is now 19, the Father of a 4 month old son and living with his son's Mom. The last time he got in trouble he was given probation. He was recently released from probabtion and is trying to put a life together. He has a sister at home who also went through rebellion.
From the age of 14, this young man has been in our life. (my sons and mine) And in all that time I heard from his Dad twice. In other words he never cared enough to make sure his son was okay. He called here once and came here once . . during the whole period that his son was closely involved in our lives.
There there is the second young man who is 18. He's been in Juvy, and a home for rebellious teens, and in a Correctional Facility. However, the last time he did something illegal he received probation. He still has a ways to go, but he has awakened from his rebellion. He has two older brothers, neither of whom I really know well. I do know his Dad a little bit. And he seems very nice.
This young man once told me, "I consider you my Mom more than my Mom." I thought I'd break down in tears . . but he was permanently a part of my heart. I just hugged him.
Now this all sounds good, right? In a way yes . . BUT, the first young man has son out of wedlock And that is wrong. Oh I've held him . . he's a chunky cute baby just like Daddy. But it remains wrong to not be married. Not in the world's eyes, but in the Lords.
I think there is hope. I believe strongly that the feminazi's push for abortion has backfired on this generation of kids. I praise the Lord for this. I think they truly realize that when they become pregnant, that is a baby, a real life inside them.
This was what I called my Boy's Club. Lately, the Lord is bringing me girls. Oh boy . . . More on that at a later date.

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